Dalit Women’s Organizing Movements

In line with the increased agency of Dalit women, one agency that comes to mind is the All India Dalit Women’s Rights Forum (AIDMAM). AIDMAM is an organization dedicated to breaking down the caste system and follows Ambedkar’s ideologies by fighting against the “culture of violence” that plagues women (Chitnis 2015). The organization has held marches, most notably a march in 2014 that traveled across northern India.

“The march documented how caste dynamics unleash a barbarous range of violence against Dalit women — gang rapes, public stripping and parading and branding of Dalit women as witches, while privileging and shielding the perpetrators of heinous crimes” (Chitnis 2015).

Chitnis 2015

However, in looking at the overarching history of caste discrimination as a historical process, it is apparent that there are still legacies of colonialism that are manifested in the retention of caste-based systems of power.

Organizations like AIDMAN are examples of how legacies are being combatted on a grassroots level via publicity of the everyday situations that Dalit women face in order to allow for a better understanding of the overarching issues and problems within the hierarchical system that has been present before and reinforced through British colonization.

Sources & Image Credit: Chitnis, Rucha. “Meet the Indian Women Trying to Take down ‘caste Apartheid'” Public Radio International. Public Radio International, 26 Oct. 2015. Web. 18 Apr. 2016.

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